Cale’s 53 International

The truck is a 1953 International R-160 3-ton truck with a wood grain box on the back. It had an inline 6 cylinder, 4-speed manual, with a 2-speed rear end. My father bought the truck for $200 I believe, from a friend in Saskatchewan. My dad originally wanted to make it a roll-off truck, but he never found the time. We moved to Manitoba, then my parents moved to Ontario, and he gave me the truck cause he had no way of getting it back there.

Once I had the truck I started to strip off the old hoist and stuff that wasn’t needed. Then set to find a power plant for it. I ended up finding a 1995 Ford F-250 regular cab long box 2 wheel drive, 7.3 Powerstroke, 5-speed manual truck. The truck ran and drove, but the body was rough. I paid $680 for the truck, drove it for a couple weeks, and then stripped it down to the bare frame. Once the truck was stripped down, I started to mount the cab and fabricate cab mounts and make a new removable firewall. After the fabrication work was done, it was time to move on to the electrical and interior. That took me about 2 months every day whenever I had time. Lots of odds and ends were done in the last month before I got it running.

A friend of mine who builds log homes and timber frame houses came down and built the flat deck, which all the wood I sourced from an old horse corral at my sister’s farm in Saskatchewan. I wanted that old weathered look, which I think turned out pretty good. The rest of the parts I sourced locally or made myself.

I kept the interior as original as possible, except for changing every light on the truck to led. I drive the truck as much as i can, and the truck is my daily driver in the summertime. It definitely gets a lot of looks and attention, but I love driving it more than my newer trucks.

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