There are diesel magazines for the younger guys. You see a lifted show truck with chrome wheels and giant stacks blowing black smoke. All things a work truck cannot relate to. I have a 94 Chevy Diesel that I use for camping, hauling dirt bikes, and going drag racing. There is very little about a show truck that brings anything to the table for me and the other average Joe’s that have a regular working truck.

Our goal here with Real Diesel is to create a magazine that will provide quality technical knowledge that is more relatable for people with work trucks. We are interested in Towing Power, Better Fuel Mileage, Increased Engine Longevity, and Lower Exhaust Temperature. We aim to talk about all of those things and upgrades you can do without breaking the bank that will provide just what you need for a working truck or even a daily driver truck. As gearheads and drag racers, even the lawn mower is in danger of getting hopped up. However, when you have a 4 horse trailer and you’re headed to the rodeo or your hauling construction equipment to a job site – you need something that’s going to get the job done. We’re going to cover many things from doing something as small as a Turbo-Master all the way to doing an engine swap. Even some of the more intense builds like converting a 2WD truck to a 4WD truck. Real Diesel Magazine will be available both digitally and printed.

We are a small group of people that have been involved in the diesel world for over 30 years and love just about anything with an engine. Our quarterly issued magazine is going to stay very consumer friendly with an advertisement to content ratio that is dramatically less than other magazines, and with more quality relatable content.
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