The long road to Bonneville

By Patriot Diesel

The plan: Make a 24 year 12 valve Cummins powered Dodge truck go over 200 MPH. Not an easy or cheap task. We started with a 1994 Dodge Ram 3500 Club Cab Long Bed 4X4. Most of the truck’s specs weren’t important though we just needed the long wheelbase for stability at high speeds.

The truck was stripped to the bare frame with a cab and doors. Then the frame in front of the firewall was cut off and disposed of. We cut the frame to replace it with a newer front clip off of a 2005 Ram 1500. The reason for this was we wanted rack and pinion steering, aftermarket brake options, and suspension lowering components.

After the frame was cut and many measurements were made the new front frame clip was narrowed, and the existing frame was widened to match each other. The new clip was trimmed and basically stacked on the old frame forming the beginning of a “Z’d” chassis. The two frame sections will be plated and boxed making it the strongest section of the frame.

The Firewall has been cut out to make room for the engine to be moved back 15-17 inches for better weight balance. New engine/transmission mounts will be fabricated in the next few weeks along with a new transmission cross member that will be flush with the bottom of the frame.

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